ep-010: Monkey Chant (Version) / _texture-010 EP – Yasuo Shinohara / KAMATA + Richard Schachmann

Catalogue ID: epd-010
Artist: Yasuo Shinohara / KAMATA + Richard Schachmann
Title: Monkey Chant (Version) / _texture-010 EP
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2019-05-01

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detail :

yasuo shinohara’s “Monkey Chant (Version)” is the version of Monkey Chant (ep-001). It is an experimental work that combines the current ethnic, yet industrial atmosphere.

KAMATA + Richard Schachmann’s “_texture-010”  is like a DJ playing in the intro, and it’s a masterpiece with a dubby treatment. He is not a drone, he has his own groove.

A1. Monkey Chant (Version)

download link » Monkey Chant (Version)

B1. _texture-010

download link » _texture-010


Artist: YASUO SHINOHARA / KAMATA + Richard Schachmann
Title: Monkey Chant (Version) / _texture-010 EP
Catalog#: epd-010
Label: ep-trax
Distribution: ep-trax.com
Barcode: none
Format: Digital only
Physical Release Date: May 1st, 2019

A1: Yasuo Shinohara – Monkey Chant (Version)
B1: KAMATA + Richard Schachmann – _texture-010

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