epd-005: Rhythm #6 /_texture-c005 EP – Cell. / KAMATA + Cell.

Catalogue ID: epd-005
Artist: Cell. / KAMATA + Cell.
Title: Rhythm #6 / _texture-c005 EP
Format: Digital
Release Date: 2018-12-01

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detail :

Cell.’s “Rhythm #6” is ultra minimal track like demon. One word of masterpiece as if rhythm gradually changes!

KAMATA + Cell.’s “_texture-c005” is when I listen to it, the old-school atmosphere is felt but the strange arrange & twist is added everywhere and his tracks like that!

A1. Rhythm #6

download link » Rhythm #6

B1. _texture-c005

download link » _texture-c005


Artist: CELL. / KAMATA + CELL.
Title: RHTHM #6 / _TEXTURE-C005 EP
Catalog#: epd-005
Label: ep-trax
Distribution: ep-trax.com
Barcode: none
Format: Digital only
Physical Release Date: December 1st, 2018

A1: Cell. – Rhythm #6
B1: KAMATA + Cell. – _texture-c005

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