Yasuo Shinohara


In 2004, joined Basix sponsored by Geodezik under the name of KAMATA and Duo “O.K.G.A.”.

The work was recorded in the compilation “Bootleg vol.1” announced from the same year label.

Since 2003 he has produced a plurality of producers and remix work under the unit “Con-Nyc”

In October 2007 it was also included in the compilation “Listening is Believing vol.2” from Libyus Music.

From 2005 onwards through activities such as Explosion Noise Improvisation Unit “Tatumaki’z”

In 2009, from Sell Or Die Records sponsored by SHIGETA, [Motor Load EP] which summarized the work up to the present was released only for 33.

In 2010, we launched vinyl label “ep-trax” and released a split board with KAMATA.

// -Release-
– “Drummin’ #1 / Etna EP”, Digital, 2011 ep-trax(Solo)
– “ata, ata, ata / Private Party EP”, Digital, 2011 ep-trax(Solo)
– “Easy Talk / deRonde EP”, Vinyl, 2010 ep-trax(Solo)
– “Motor Load EP”, CD-R, 2009, Sell Or Die(Solo)
// -Remix-

– “Hykka-Ryouran”, CD, 2007,tailgate(Con-Nyc)
– “Burai-Ha EP”, CD, 2006, tailgate(Con-Nyc)
– “midichronica #501”, CD, 2005, (Con-Nyc)
// -Compilation-
– “Listening Is Believing vol.2”, CD, 2007, LibyusMusic(Con-Nyc)
– “aoon”, CD, 2006, AOBA-ONKYO(Con-Nyc)
– “Bootleg”, CD, 2004, Basix(O.K.G.A.)

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